Tragic Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi’s death shames humanity

HumanityThe haunting image of a lifeless, three-year old toddler washed ashore, lying face-down on a beach in Turkey has shook the international media and has forced people to look at the ongoing refugee crisis with new severity.

The Syrian refugees drowned off the coast of the Greek island of Kos, after the boats carrying them sank. Bodies possibly connected with the disaster, washed ashore on a beach in the Turkish town of Bodrum. On Wednesday morning, the Turkish police noticed several bodies on the beach, however, one of them left the police feeling traumatised. The body of a three-year old kid lying still on the cold beach.

The father of the child, Abdullah Kurdi, has lost his family to the sea. His wife, Rehan, 3-year-old Aylan and 4-year-old Ghalib. Abdullah Kurdi had dreams for his family, he wanted a new life full of hope and a bright future for both his little kids but he had to pay a grievous price for it and ended up with nothing.

Abdullah wanted to start a new life in Canada far away from the life of terror and violence in Syria. Failing to find a getaway from the country, he turned to smugglers to help his family take a trip from Turkey to Greece. He was promised a motorboat but when he came along with his family, he was asked to board a 15-foot rubber raft which was already occupied with enough people. Seeing no other way, he got on the overburdened raft with his family. However, the captain of the boat jumped off and swam to the shore when the boat was met with high waves.

Abdullah tried to steer the boat himself but it overturned. In a last attempt, the father tried to keep his children afloat but one of them drowned, he left him and tried to keep the other child alive, he pushed the other child to his wife pleading her to “keep his head above the water” only to find that his wife had drowned too. Abdullah was the only survivor left from the tragedy.

Thousands of people have died this year in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean sea to reach Europe. The refugee crisis is surging and thousands of refugees are expected to reach the European countries this year, it is time for the European Union to take a firm stand in the favour of refugees and open a window which allows them a chance to start their life afresh.


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