tunga-5Despite the High Court giving its second order in the case of parking violations at Hotel Tunga, little action is being taken by the Urban Development Ministry. The petitioner of the case Sandeep Thakur says that he will take the state to court against, if the parking violations by Hotel Tunga are not corrected. With NMMC and CIDCO tossing responsibility of the violations committed by Hotel Tunga, it was up to the Urban Development Dept. to take action against the violations done by Hotel Tunga, which the UD finally did November 2009. The man behind the Hotel Tunga parking violations expose social activist Sandeep Thakur who went to High Court against the violations had informed us that in its letter, the UD dept had ordered CIDCO and NMMC to ensure that the illegal Coffee Shop and laundry were demolished. At the coffee shop, Hotel Tunga was ordered to build 10 parking slots and at the laundry 3 parking slots. The Hotel was to construct another 7 parking slots within the plot that it showed as “stack parking” in the plan but never constructed. After the Urban Development Ministry issued these orders, NMTV News had met Commissioner Vijay Nahata who had ensured that the violations at Hotel Tunga will be corrected. The Commissioner had informed that they had served a notice to Hotel Tunga immediately after getting the letter from the UD Department. The Commissioner had said that the construction of the stilt in the public parking is Hotel Tunga’s responsibility and NMMC will ensure that the UD directives on the violations are adhered to. However, its been over six months to these assurances of the Commissioner and no action has been taken against Hotel Tunga yet. In fact, looks like the NMMC and CIDCO are conspiring to delay on several issue that is allowing the Hotel to sit on its parking violations rather than taking action. The Urban Development Ministry is playing to the tunes of the Hotel Tunga because a politician has said so to the Ministry officers, alleges Sandeep Thakur. For the first time in CIDCO or NMMC’s history, parking norms are being deviated from the GDCR to accommodate the parking violations made by Hotel Tunga. Perhaps this is why even the owner of the Hotel, Sudhakar Hegde isn’t fearing action despite grave parking violations. In a telephonic conversation, the owner Sudhakar Hegde tried to mislead us stating that there was no coffee shop at the hotel premises. Just lose furniture kept at the spot being called as the coffee shop. However when we visited the hotel, though the management did not allow us to shoot the premises, we saw that the coffee shop was very much there and functioning too. Further, when we questioned Sudhakar Hegde whether they have provided the parking slots as ordered by the Urban Development Ministry within the plot of the hotel, he lost his cool. While it is clear that Hotel Tunga is no mood to abide by the Urban Development Ministry’s orders, the petitioner Sandeep Thakur is determined. He says that in the last hearing of the petition this month, the Court has ordered the state to consider the contents of his petition. They should do before Sep 2010. Sandeep Thakur says that parking has to be provided within the plot and there are no two ways about it. It’s a pity that despite NMMC and CIDCO knowing for a fact that Hotel Tunga has indulged in forgery at government offices and violated parking norms, they are still going scot free. And officials at the helm of affairs at NMMC and CIDCO will be responsible for the disaster that the city is in for due to such grave parking violations. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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