dirty1The residents of Turbhe are forced to live in unhygienic conditions courtesy NMMC’s Health department. While a garbage bin is placed in the node, it is hardly cleared by the department. Foul smell and dirt is what prevails in the node. The myth of Navi Mumbai being the city of the 21st century, a beautiful and well-planned city comes true again. There is encroachment, there is power cuts, there is unhygienic conditions prevailing, there is diseases. And we won’t take you far to prove this. This garbage bin is been stationed in a residential area at Turbhe. The bin is filled with wet and dry waste. Since it is never cleaned by NMMC, the rotten garbage has given way to foul smell and diseases. As per Waste Management rules, the garbage bin must be covered and should be stationed few meters away from the residential area so that people do not face any kind of health problems. And as you can clearly see the bins are placed in the middle of the street and that too in a residential area. Also as per the waste management system, there should be different garbage bins for wet and dry waste. At the same time, direction boards are also necessary, but NMMC has failed to place them. Residents have alleged that the health officer of the area Sunil Sagane neither visits the place nor he is present in his office to listen to their complaints, something that we too found when we visited his office. However, these allegations are out rightly being refuted by the DMC (Health). Although he admitted that the categorization of wet and dry waste and its management was not done properly. Defending the cleanliness supervisor, he said that they would check the area and take appropriate measures. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV news.

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