turbhe-electric-poles-4To electric poles at Turbhe’s Shiv Shakti Nagar are reeling under highly neglected state. Any contact with the poles can even prove to be fatal. Unfortunately, despite bringing the same to MSEDC’s attention, the gravity of the matter is still being ignored. The locals of Shivshakti Nagar at Turbhe say that these two electric poles can prove to be fatal for anyone who accidentally comes in contact with them. More so as this is a quite crowded area of this node. Residents say that MSEDC has pulled electric cables from these two electric poles to give power connections here. Since, no maintenance work has been carried out by MSEDC, the poles can even fall down anytime. One of the poles can be seen coming out of an open gutter. One can see the pole standing with the support of a stone while the other pole is bent due to the weight of the heavy electric cable wires running from it. Locals say that the cable wires carrying current run close to their windows. They say that despite bringing the matter to the attention of MSEDC and NMMC, no action has been initiated.


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