_Aurora-theatre-1The doom of two theatres has heralded with the announcement that both Bharat Mata and Arora Talkies reportedly being sold. NMTV News sums up a picture on how city heritage theatres been sold for business. They have witnessed several generations of linguistic. After Bharat Mata, came another blow in the form of Arora theatre that shut down operations. The theater was a haven and get away from busy lives for the middle class migrants from South India in Mumbai city. Being one of the oldest theatres of Mumbai, this theatre has a capacity of seating an audience of 700 people. In the year 1942, this cinema hall was given on lease to a Parsi family. In the beginning, English films were screened in this theatre but in the year 1983, the lease was handed over to a distributor called Nambi Rajan after which more South Indian movies were screened here. Instead of just one matinee show, movies in three South Indian languages-Tamil, Telugu and Kannada were played here which in return was a huge revenue earner. At the closure of this theatre, not only the people but also the locals of the area are disappointed. Arora theatre had a special place in the heart of the people. It has completely assimilated itself with local culture, local lives that renders it an identity of having its own unique culture. With the closure of Bharat Mata and Arora Theatre – a cultural part of Mumbai will die a tragic death. Shailendra Upadhyay for NMTV News.

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