uddhav-1The nation is still not Independent says Shiv Sena Executive President Uddhav Thackeray. The Sena leader was speaking to the media after inaugurating a garden built in South Mumbai, opposite MCGM HQ in the memory of two freedom fighters. The MCGM has built a garden right opposite its HQ at Azad Maidan. The garden was inaugurated at the hands of Shiv Sena Executive President Uddhav Thackeray in the presence of Mumbai Mayor Dr. Shubha Raul, Rajya Sabha MP Bharat Kumar Raut, MCGM Standing Committee Chairman Ravindra Waikar and MCGM Additional Commissioner R A Rajeev. The highlight of the garden is that it is built in the memory of two freedom fighters – Mangal Gadiya and Syed Hussain who paid with their lives during the freedom struggle. It was during the revolt of 1857 that both the freedom fighters had headed one of the mass protest rallies at Azad Maidan and used cannons against the British. Their fiery battle has scared many Britishers who had fled away from Mumbai post the revolt. It is in memory of these freedom fighters that the MCGM has built the garden with a cannon symbolic of the spirit of those who paid with their lives so that the nation attained freedom from the British Raj. Speaking to the media after the inaugural ceremony, Uddhav Thackeray said that though the nation has attained freedom from the Britishers, India is still not independent. He said Azad Maidan saw protest rallies at that time and see protests rallies even today, which indicates that the battle for freedom is still not over. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Hansraj Kanojia for NMTV News.

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