sand-dreagThe problems of the residents of Sector 11 Belapur seem to be multiplying by the day. Massive sand-dredging activity has increased in the vicinity, making life hell for the residents. One of the primary problems of the residents of Chawla Plaza, sector 11 CBD Belapur is that of sand dredging. Massive sand mining and repair work of ships are carried out here. What is shocking is the closeness at, which the sand is being stacked here. Residents say that earlier the sand was kept at some distance but now slowly it has been brought much nearer to their building. These activities are carried out very near to the residential area and there is no buffer Zone between these two land uses. It was, therefore, evident that the nearby residential area is prone to for air and noise nuisance due to sand dredging activities. A resident of Chawla Plaza informed that sand dredging had become a very grim situation and that it was not even included at the time of CIDCO’s initial planning. Residents also expressed that it had become a matter of life and death situation for senior citizens and children with authorities only giving assurances. Another concern was the amount of noise pollution caused by the cranes all day and all night long. Residents also alleged that the road connecting to Kharghar was totally blocked by mounds of sand and the creek was illegal filled by destroying mangroves. The residents are also planning to file a RTI in this regard. Sand-dredging activity is carried out right adjacent to Sarovar Vihar. But unfortunately due to this activity, authorities have not bothered to maintain it. Residents appealed that sand-dredging activity should be stopped. It may be recalled that the residents of Sector 11, Belapur had met State Environment Minister Ganesh Naik during the Lok Sabha elections and had briefed him about the serious and critical situation that the sector reels under. At that time State Environment Minister Ganesh Naik had assured of taking up all the issues of the residents post elections. Residents are now waiting for the election code of conduct to lift on May 28 so that State Minister Ganesh Naik keeps the word he has given to the grieved residents of Sector 11, CBD Belapur.

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