Unseasonal rains in the month of November have affected the business of potters in the city. While it was showers for the city, it was a dry spell for the potters at Kumbharwada colony at Old Panvel. This is Kumbharwada, a colony of old houses with pottery workshops alongside. As the name of the place suggests, it has all the potters staying in one area. Pottery is their traditional business and this is the only activity they are engaged into. However, the unseasonal rains in the city have spoilt the pots that they had prepared recently. Suvarna Kalvekar, a potter from Kumbharwada speaks about the loss they have faced due to the rains. The matkas usually cost Rs 20 to 25. However, the sudden rains have destroyed these pots and now they have no option but to wait when for the rains go away to start their business again. Indubai Panvelkar, another potter says that they used to make 100 matkas a day, but now they have to be limited to 20 or 25 matkas. With no sunlight, it becomes difficult for the matkas to dry. The matka business flourishes only at the time of Diwali and Hindu marriage seasons in the month of May. The remaining part of the year, they do not fetch much from the trade. The rains have doubled their loss now. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Vrushali Chitre fro NMTV news.

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