ghantagadi-4The failure of the Ghanta Gadi scheme of NMMC has another very significant human angle to it. The negligence on part of the contractor Ramrao Patil is leading to labors working under highly unhygienic and inhuman conditions. Navi Mumbai News has been airing reports on this; however, the condition now has become worse. Labors spoke to Navi Mumbai News and said that a few workers have even lost their lives. NMMC approved the contract of Ramrao Patil for Rs. 7 Crores to segregate dry and wet garbage and dispose the same, after canceling the contract of 81 contractors who were doing the disposal without segregating for only Rs. 2.5 Crores. However, despite several of Crores invested in the scheme, the scheme has been a miserable failure. The concern now is not just the Crores of public funds that have been drained out in the schemes but more, the health of the workers who are doing garbage collection from every node in bell vans in the most deplorable and inhuman conditions. When one sees the workers standing without gloves and masks; handling garbage with their hands, it is not difficult to understand the adverse effect it is having on their health everyday. The foul smell that makes passer bys cringe their noses is what the air that workers are breathing round the clock in such vans and the dumping site. Plus, this is also a blatant violation of the solid waste management rules. In recent Standing Committee meetings, Vithal More pointed out how paying wages to workers and labors does not mean that the contractor of NMMC can make workers work at the cost of their lives. The members of Standing Committee and General Body have often voiced how a corporation that is boasting of a Super Specialty is so highly negligent about the health of their workers and labors. Our Navi Mumbai News captured the highly cruel and inhuman conditions workers of Ghanta Gadi work under. Speaking to Navi Mumbai News, a few workers voiced how their counterparts have lost their lives due to the unhygienic conditions of the work. They say that they have no faith or hopes of better working conditions. Ironically we captured this scenario right in front of State Environment Minister and Labor Minister Ganesh Naik’s residence at Koperkhairane. When Navi Mumbai News quested Addtl. Commissioner Dr. Sanjay Pattiwar, he accepted that working in such conditions is very dangerous and that the administration will look into it.

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