rose1On the occasion of Golden jubilee year of Rose society, more than 2000 roses were exhibited at Raj Bhavan. After the recent terror attack on Mumbai, this exhibition was conducted with the aim to spread peace, harmony and love among the people of the nation. Roses signify love, peace and harmony. Therefore, on the occasion of the golden jubilee year of Rose society, a rose flower exhibition was held at the Raj Bhavan. Around 2000 different varieties of roses were displayed here. Each flower signifying a uniqueness and solidarity. On the inauguration ceremony of this exhibition were present Rural development minister Vijay Singh Mohite Patil and State minister Suresh Shetty who expressed views on the day. Also the President of the rose society Dr Arun Patil stated that it is a new experience for the citizens that they have got an opportunity to experience and view the interior of the Raj Bhavan. If we speak about the visitors, it was first chance for them to see so many roses of different colours at one venue. The exhibition will be held till 26th January and the members of Rose society have made an appeal to the citizens to come and experience feeling of love. Ajaz Khan for NMTV news.

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