mangroves-destruction-5While High Court cases and complaints filed at the Collector’s office are just a trailers of the on going massive destruction of mangroves in the city. When our Correspondent travelled to a few spots in the city, the systematic destruction of mangroves by officials in connivance with private parties was apparent. Here is a report. Nerul Sector 50, Kobad, Bhuje, Mohe, Morave, Ulwa, Targhar and Wahal are a few places where massive systematic destruction of mangroves is underway. Openly violating and flouting HC orders banning destruction of mangrove areas, CIDCO seems to have gone on what looks like a blind spree of killing the city eco system to pocket benefits for a few vested interests. In several areas one can see, how CIDCO has constructed mud roads to stop the flow of water to reach mangroves that has rendered them dry and dead. Ironically, in these areas CIDCO has put up hoardings and boards with notices of the crime that mangrove destruction is. While below these boards, CIDCO is openly indulging in anti environmental activities of the same nature. One example is Sector 50, Nerul where CIDCO, with reasons of constructing a gutter has erected a wall that has resulted in killing the mangroves of the area completely. In villages like Kobad, Bhuje, Mohe, Morave, Ulwa, Targhar and Wahal, CIDCO has constructed roads that have killed the mangroves of the area. If CIDCO had not intended to destroy the mangroves, small outlets for water to flow could have been constructed, but alas that was neither the intention nor has it been done in any of the places that our cameralenses captured. Even the highway between Belapur and Nhava Sheva has been built at the expense of mangroves. While on one side the construction of the new highway, on the other side a road taken towards the villages have cut off the water flow to mangroves. Like the proposed site for golf course, if a case is filed after a few years, there will once again be no proof of how densely the area was dotted with mangroves. And CIDCO will get away with selling the barren plots for commercial profits at the cost of destroying the city’s ecosystem. In wake of these pictures, it is not difficult to comprehend that arresting a few villagers for mangroves destruction is just an attempt of authorities to eye wash or cover the real big picture.

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