taloja-1There has been a shocking report on how untreated hazardous chemical waste is being dumped in the water resources in Taloja. The issue has been reported from Ovapeth village in Taloja where a buffalo died after drinking water from one such resources. Villagers said that the chemical are left in water for years and yet MPCB hasn’t taken actions yet. Pollution from industries has haunted the lives of villagers in and around Taloja for decades. Taking advantage of the isolation and ignorance of the rural villages, industries in and around Taloja not only violate pollution norms but also dump untreated hazardous chemical waste in the water resources of the villages and the area without any fear of consequences, action and punishment. The issue once again came to light when villagers of Taloja woke up one morning and came the news of a herd of buffaloes becoming victims of the pollution after drinking water from one such polluted water resource. One buffalo that consumed more of the poisoned water died in it and was lying there for over a day before authorities could reach to take the buffalo out. Grieved villagers say that the untreated hazardous chemical waste is dumped by industries in the night when no one is around. They say that it was a result of this that today a buffalo has died. They informed NMTV News that the marine life is being massacred due to the chemical pollution. The chemical pollutants left into the water resources have polluted water in the wells of the villages as well. Due to this villagers have developed a skin problem and because they use the water for washing utensils, they rust due to the chemical component of the polluted water. Many villagers have also developed skin problems. Today, the water resources have become so polluted that villagers are going far off to fetch water. Frustrated locals say that their complaints fall on deaf ears due to which they are even running out of patience. At CIDCO’s Water Department and MPCB office that are in charge of taking action against industries polluting green laws, no officer was ready to speak on the issue. It was just last week that the State Environment Dept. was speaking tough on taking action against those industries that are violating green laws. However when you look at the Taloja case that claimed the life of a speechless buffalo, the hollow assurances of the state government exposes the apathy of the system towards animals and humans alike. With cameraperson Satish Garud, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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