nmmc-3Sena Corporator Vithal More began the presentation at the first special meeting of the NMMC Standing Committee. He warned against the political pressure on the administration to not increase rates of taxes in the city for 20 years. Sena Corporator Vithal More also proposed increase in revenue on account of cess by Rs. 100 Crores. He said that if the staff in department of cess could be increased it would help in optimum cess collection. He also proposed increasing the projection of the property tax dept. by Rs. 50 Crore. Referring to the new STP in the city, he revealed that the capacity of these STP plants were more than double than the mentioned capacity hence it would not be proper to have more new STPs. He suggested the same money to be used for backlog works of beautification, gardens, roads, cleaning and the likes. Seconding all the suggestions made by Vithal More, Avinash Lad demanded a substantial increase in revenue from outdoor and streetlights advertising, banners and hoardings stating that Rs. 2.05 projected by NMMC was too little. Another significant point made by him was to rotate officers in the various departments, especially the Town Planning Office. Devidas Hande Patil expressed dismay at the Rs. 16000 revenue on Pay and Park. He also pointed out that huge commercial complexes that were given on rent in Vashi, Nerul and CBD had to be brought under the tax net. The chairman of the Standing Committee Sandip Naik complimented the members for their invaluable suggestions and pointers and expressed hope that the members will respond similarly at the special budget deliberations on the expenditures proposed for 2008-2009. From NMMC HQ, Vishwarath Nayar for Navi Mumbai News.

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