gen-body-1The NMMC General Body meet made 16 junior engineers on contract permanent employees in NMMC. The NMMC General Body approved the proposal to make, 16 junior engineers recruited on contract by NMMC in 1999, permanent employees of the corporation. After CIDCO transfer the developed nodes in the city to NMMC in January 1998, 18 engineers were recruited in 1999 on contract by NMMC to provide basic civic services, particularly water supply and sewage. While one of them died another junior engineer Mahesh Baviskar’s services was terminated as he was caught red-handed accepting a bribe. Jitendra Rawal who was above the maximum prescribed age by 5 months was given relaxation, of the service rules by the General Body, which indicates that the General Body in NMMC is empowered to even break services rules of the State Government, and not a single elected representative present in the House questioned this law breaking act of the administration. While the law was broken by the administration when Rawal was recruited in 1999, the approved to relax the rule and condone the violation was sought strangely in the General Body last week in 2006. The NMMC General Body also approved the Municipal Commissioner’s proposal to create 45 additional posts of Junior engineers in the corporation to handle the increasing responsibilities of civic services of water supply, sewage and electricity. The members also approved the proposal to appoint Dr. Narendra Bidarkar and Dr. Prashant Javade – two Resident Medical Officers in NMMC. Though 3 RMO posts have been approved to be filled by direct recruitment, the administration opted to appoint experienced doctors of NMMC.

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