NMMC-6Leader of the House J D Sutar and Opposition Leader Ramakant Mhatre walked out in protest in the recent General Body meet. J D SUTAR WALK OUT J.D Sutar walked out in protest after his own party workers dissuaded him from continuing his protest against the Municipal Commissioner. The NMMC general body was discussing the proposal to approve the proposal to start a secondary school teachers in the Katkaripada school in Rabale. J.D Sutar alleged that whenever he approached the Municipal Commissioner for starting the secondary school in Shirawane, the commissioner Vijay Nahata denied the same stating that it was not possible without the general body approving a policy on the same. The Commissioner fumbled to reply and agreed to close the school if members insist and put the onus on the general body to approve or reject the school. However deputy mayor Shahikant Birajdaar opted to stand by the Commissioner, which infuriated J D Sutar, provoking the walk out. The general body approved the proposal unanimously, though members of the ruling NCP and even some officials agreed that the commissioner was concerned and J D Sutar was unjustifiably provoked to walk out. NMTV Bureau report. RAMAKANT MHATRE WALK OUT Opposition Leader Ramakant Mhatre walked out in protest as the ruling NCP approved proposals in the general body meeting without a quorum. The 88 member house requires a minimum attendance of 29 members to complete the quorum required to conduct the general body proceedings. The presiding mayor Anjani Bhoir, deputy Mayor Shashikant Birajdar, Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nahata and Municipal Secretary Chandrakant Devkar turned a deaf ear when Ramakant Mhatre raised the issue of absence of quorum. After two failed appeals, when the Mayor put the last 10 proposals collectively to vote, Mhatre once again pointed out the lack of quorum. There were only 24 members in the House. The Mayor paid no heed to the opposition leader’s objection and continued with the proceedings, which provoked Mhatre to walk out in protest against the Mayor’s high handedness and refusal to conduct the House as per the Municipal Act. NMTV Bureau report.

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