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US Navy opens fire on a fishing boat off coast of Dubai killing one and injuring three, matters under investigation

Abu Dhabi: On Monday a US Navy oil supply vessel opened fire on a small fishing boat, that resulted in killing one of them and severely injuring the other three. All four fishermen were Indians and belonged from the south. During investigation, a US military official stated the reason for firing as the small vessel kept on disregarding warnings and kept approaching the US navy vessel and when the vessel’s operators did not listen to their repeated warnings, the security team on US ship had to fire rounds from a 0.50 calibre machine gun.

Now both the authorities of US and UAE are investigating the incident as pressure mounts on from India. Tuesday evening Indian Ambassador to the UAE M. K. Lokesh met the three injured fishermen and said complete aid would be given to the family of deceased who was recognised as Sekhar. He also added that although both Us and UAE authorities are trying to investigate the matter, they have been asked to share the details of the investigation with the Indian government. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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