CIDCO is developing a Palm Beach road from Koperkhairane to Ghansoli. Shockingly the new road’s divider is being fitted with old paver blocks, exposing corruption. The work that you see in these visuals are of the road connecting Koperkhairane to Ghansoli. CIDCO has handed over the work for the road to a contractor named Anirudh Patil. The contractor’s work is to fit the paver blocks on the divider of the road. In a shocking revelation however, it has been found that the paver blocks being fitted by the contractor are old, with some of them broken and some in such damaged condition that even the rods are visible through them. A worker on the site informed that the paver blocks were brought from Airoli. He said that the paver blocks were initially brought for a work in Airoli and since the work did not commence there, it was brought here and used. Reliable sources informed NMTV News that the paver blocks are being removed from a site in Airoli and being laid here. What came as a shock was that the workers informed us that except for the contractor’s people, no CIDCO official comes to check the quality and standard of work being done by the contractor. What’s more, a paver block cost Rs. 400- 500 and with no checking, the contractor can easily make fresh bills for the used paver blocks leading to corruption. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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