CIDCO-Demotion-4Looks like the massive demolition drive carried out by CIDCO a week back was neither here nor there as while the shop owners have once again erected makeshift arrangements for their customers, the entire Infotech Park has taken over a messy and ugly look. It may be recalled that a week back CIDCO had carried out its massive demolition drive bringing down illegal extensions that had been erected by the shop owners. However, looks like this drive has not served its purpose. While the shop-owners have once again erected makeshift arrangements with sheds and bamboos to service their customers, the destruction during the drive has not been cleared by CIDCO. Huge piles of garbage, bricks, and dirt is what is left after the drive and CIDCO has not bothered to clean it up. Gutters lids that were broken during the demolition have been left open with foul smell emancipating from it. We spoke with the people there who stated that the eateries were a convenience for them, and the demolition drive has led to nothing but creating a mess of the entire place. To worsen matters, open defecation was also on the rise due to the only public toilet not functional and locked. While it has been opened to the public now, the toilet looks it has not been maintained for years. Employees of various offices at the railway station say that the only places for them to eat out have been demolished.It is a wonder why does CIDCO make such policies which serves the interest of neither the owner who buy these outlets nor the locals who work at these areas killing the very purpose of the policies that CIDCO makes. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Sana Warsia for Navi Mumbai News.

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