The road concretization work has begun in Vashi with several places being dug up causing traffic jams. One such busy sector of Vashi that has been affected by the road work is sector 17 Vashi. NMMC has once again begun work of road concretization in the city. One of the nodes severely affected by this work is that of Vashi. While the junction of Shivaji Chowk to Arenja corner and then heading to the Palm Beach Road used to see traffic bustling in, the situation has become worse now. The entire stretch from the Shivaji Chowk junction to the Palm Beach road has turned into a traffic mess as all the vehicles going through this route are being diverted due to road construction work. To add to the miseries of people, road digging by a private telecom company to lay cables has created another major problem. It is learnt that the traffic going to Shivaji chowk from Palm Beach Road has been diverted to arterial roads due to concretisation work that began on March 10. As a result, the arterial roads in Sector 17 are flooded with vehicles including BEST and NMMT buses. Harried commuters say out of frustration that there was no need for the concretization work. However, there were some who did say that this was a one time work which will benefit the people later. There no doubt that if the concretization work ends before monsoon and spares the commuters from the pot holes ridden drive at this crucial junction, it will be a blessing indeed. The contract of concretisation has been allotted to Mahaveer Roads and Infrastructure Private Limited. The excavation began on March 10 and the entire work is expected to be over in two months. With cameraman Kala Jadhav Jan cabral for NMTV New.

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