mniseashore-2Vashi’s Mini Seashore is one of the favourite destinations of Navi Mumbaikars for morning jogs and evening walks. However, off late the increasing civic problems is inconveniencing the visitors, walkers and joggers. Vashi Mini Seashore is one of the city spots that needs no introduction. Thousands of visitors – mostly joggers and walkers visit Mini Seashore daily. The early morning joggers arrive as early as 5am daily. This mostly includes senior citizens. However, off late the joggers and walkers are inconvenienced due to the conditions Mini Seashore is reeling under. After monsoons, the wild growth at mini seashore, which has not been cleared by NMMC. Even at area where NMMC has cut down the wild growth, it has not been cleared for days leaving it to dry at various spots at Mini Seashore. Speaking to Navi Mumbai News, joggers and walkers informed that the young boys and girls play mischief here. They come here in gangs, smoke and burn the cut grass. And this also leads to burning of the healthy trees and greenery here. Senior citizens say that the trees being killed are those that they along with NMMC had planted here. a few voiced how the creek water in the holding pond is polluted by people sometimes. The mini seashore does not have any signboards or notice boards with instructions for the general public. Over the last fortnight, the conditions in the area have gone from bad to worse. The stalls are increasing due to the popularity of the area. These hawkers litter around at Mini Seashore after each day’s work. This adds to the garbage, fuelling unhygienic conditions. A few also voiced that there are no streetlights in the area. Taking advantage of this, couples indulge in indecent behaviour, making things uncomfortable for the families that come here. To add to this, roadside Romeos too are spotted here often. Senior citizens, walkers and joggers are so tired of authorities not looking into these problems that they are planning to take the matter up with NMMC more aggressively.

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