flyower-parkingPost Mumbai terror attacks, parking under flyovers has become a very vulnerable spot and great concern for the city. Navi Mumbaikars voiced their concern at the parking done below the Vashi flyover. After the terror attacks in Mumbai, questions are being raised by the public with regards to the lack of security measures that the Navi Mumbai police is following. To begin with areas under flyovers have already been claimed as a very sensitive spot. Prior to the blasts even the then Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh had ordered the respective authorities to ban parking under flyovers. Post the blasts, the numerous cars parked under flyovers can easily pose a medium to a major disaster. One such flyover is the Vashi flyover where several cars are parked below. Even Navi Mumbai voiced their concern with us. Matters are worse when the Navi Mumbai traffic department are themselves indulging in this illegal parking. With no parking space for them, the vehicles towed by the department are placed under this flyover till the time the owner comes to collect his vehicle. Traffic police Inspector Anand Sawant states with no space, they have no option but to park towed vehicles below flyovers. And this is just not the case of Vashi flyovers but other flyovers across the city where vehicles are parked illegally and when the traffic police itself indulges into it, what can one say. With cameraperson Deepak, Shailendra Upadhyay for NMTV news.

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