While many candidates might not be able to proceed with their public campaigns due to the scorching heat, Shiv Sena BJP candidate Vijay Chougule has found a solution to this problem and has made the morning walk a medium for his public relations. The leader has started meeting voters in the pleasant morning time trying to gain their vote and support. Candidates find different techniques of wooing the voters during elections and the same was done by Vijay Chougule. Wearing a saffron colored muffler, he was seen exchanging good morning pleasantries with the people at Mini seashore Vashi. Even the morning walkers and joggers do not want to disappoint Vijay Chougule and were seen promising their support for him. But the biggest shocker of all was that the morning walk of Vijay Chougule included former Congress corporator Raju Shinde, Congress corporator Vilas Bhoir and Opposition corporator Vijaya Thakur. Speaking to NMTV News, Vijay Chougule stated that with limited time, meeting each and every voter is impossible and hence he is using such ways to reach out to maximum voters. Vijay Chougule’s way of beating the heat this summer is indeed a unique one but how much will it woo the voters is only the D Day of the elections will decide. With cameraperson Ravi NIkam, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.

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