vijay-mane-1Shiv Sena’s new mass Sena leader Vijay Mane could just become the next opposition leader in Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. After the NMMC Elections 2010, one man that the ruling NCP in NMMC would have to watch out for is Shiv Sena leader Vijay Mane. Vijay Mane as a Sena leader came to be known after he defeated Navi Mumbai Congress District Chief and the then candidate of Congress in municipal elections, Namdeo Bhagat. Even this time, while a keen contest was to be seen, Vijay Mane’s ward came under the OBC reservation. However, unlike other corporators who decided to contest from other wards, Vijay Mane chose to work to ensure the victory of the three candidates under his charge – Ratan Mandve, Dilip Ghodekar and Satish Ramane. Speaking to NMTV News, Vijay Mane reiterated the same to NMTV News and said that the works done by him in his ward won the people’s trust to vote for the three Sena candidates. Speaking on his ward coming under the OBC reservation, he said that instead of contesting elections, he thought of working towards ensuring the victory of other Sena candidates in the ward. When asked the role of Vijay Mane in the future, he said that while he was working as the Vice President of the Vidhiyarthi Sena, he would be involved in giving his suggestions and advice to the Sena corporators. Vijay Mane who successfully created a dent in the Congress and NCP vote banks by winning these three seats might be taken in NMMC as a coop. Now the Congress has lost its position as the opposition in NMMC to the Shiv Sena, there are strong chances of Vijay Mane becoming the Opposition Leader of NMMC. Unlike the previous Congress Opposition Leader who lacked the aggressiveness in taking up issues at the municipal corporation, Vijay Mane with his new mass Sena Leader status might just emerge as an aggressive Opposition leader which the NCP might have to beware of.

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