nm-airport-villager-pc-1Nearly 2000 villagers of 18 villages that are going to be wiped off in the making of the Navi Mumbai airport project gathered to meet MLAs of the region and demand appropriate compensation for their lands. Villagers of 18 villages that are going to be wiped off in the making of the Navi Mumbai airport project are a worried lot. Around 2000 of these villages came together to voice their fears, apprehensions and take a call on the action they should take if they lose their land. These PAPs of the airport project have formed the “Navi Mumbai International Airport Project Affected People’s” – a committee that will unite the villagers to be affected by the airport project and take up their rehabilitation and compensation demands with the state. The villagers met at a school in Dapoli village, Panvel and came from the villages of Targhar, Pargaon, Ulwe, Kolhi, Kopar, Ganesh Puri, Chinchpada, Dungi and Manghar. It may be recalled that the Union Environment Ministry’s approval to the Navi Mumbai airport project has come just last month, following which the villagers’ fears have accentuated. That is why they called for the public meeting where in MLAs of the region Prashant Thakur from Panvel and Vivek Patil from Uran, and Raigad district Congress President R C Gharat were present. The various subjects that the villagers discussed included unnecessary acquisition of land and rehabilitation and employment of PAPs. Members of the committee said that the villagers should be given importance on lines equal to environment. MLA Prashant Thakur said that if CIDCO did not take a concrete decision in favour of the villagers, the protest could become intense. The timing of the protest of the villagers is right as far as the sessions in concerned. What remains to be seen is that will the MLAs of the region both Prashant Thakur and Vivek Patil – who heard the grievances, concerns and demands of the villagers in length – will they take it up with the government in the session in Nagpur that concluded later this week. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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