Jagleshwar--3The entire nation has known the power of lord Shivshankar and one such famous temple of this God is the Jangleshwar Mahadev temple in Ghatkopar. History says that 250 years ago in Aslafa village a miracle occurred when happy with the devotees’ dedication; Lord Shivshankar’s Shivling erupted out of the land. Since then all the prayers of the devotees was fulfilled here, it was believed. It’s not from the local areas but from far off states people come hear to pray to lord Shiv Shankar. Lord Shivshankar was not just an angry man but also a heart of gold. Whatever was asked from him he always fulfilled it. His miracles are seen on earth today and one of them is this temple. 250 years back this land was barren and no living lived here. At that time Sadhus and pandits used to pray here and out of their dedication Shivshankar gave his shivling here. It is said that many times a Sadhu used to come here to pray for Maharaj Bholenath. This Sadhu was known as the Jangli Maharaj or Jangli Baba and that’s how this temple too came to be known as Janesghwear Mandir. Apart from Lord Shiv Shankar’s mandir, a hanuman and Ma Durga temple is also situated inside the temple. It is believed that all wishes come true and people from far off places come here to pray. In this shivratri, lakhs of people had visited this temple. It is not just peace and calmness that brings people here, but the attraction is such that believers who enter the temple premises do not want to leave it.

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