vivek-panditAfter joining the Communist party and then Congress, Vivek Pandit has now entered the Shiv Sena party on the ranks equivalent to a Dy. Leader. However this has ruffled features amongst the rural Shiv Sainaiks. Many Shiv Sainiks are opposing the appointment of Vivek Pandit on the ranks of a Dy Leader of Shiv Sena. The ire party workers have stated that how can the Sainiks who have been in the party since the time of its establishment work under this newly appointed leader. These Shiv Sainiks have demanded that Vivek Pandit be removed from the post or if not removed then should not be allowed to interfere in the matters. He added that Vivek Pandit had called the local Shiv Sainiks blackmailers which have weakened the foundation of the party here. He stated that this would definitely affect the party in the oncoming Bhiwandi and Palghar Lok Sabha elections. The statements passed by Vivek Pandit against farmers has been not taken well by the rural areas and the locals have clearly stated that if Pandit stands for elections, it would go against them. It maybe recalled that few years back Vivek Pandit held the post of Shiv Sena’s Rural Chief of Thane but was shown the exit door by the party. Later on he contemplated joining the Congress and NCP party but did not receive a positive response so he came back to the Sena. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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