votersThe massive voters registration drive started by the Election Commission saw several reports of complaints coming from the centres where the clerical officials stationed have been blamed for poor conduct during duty. Besides complaints of non availability of forms the ones that are being submitted are also kept in dire conditions. Don’t mistake this pile as garbage. For this is not dump but hundreds of forms of voters submitted to the election commission for registration, correction and changes on information of voters in the city. Lakhs of voters have submitted such forms to ensure that they can cast their mandate without any troubles whatsoever in the next elections but somewhere down the line the sub-ordinate officers of the Election Commission are not taking their job seriously which is evident in these visuals. Besides this another major drawback was that during the registration drive most centers did not have forms. Unfortunately, the list of harrid voters include senior citizens like 72 year old Pandit Khartale and others who spoke to NMTV News and informed that how they have been running to pillar to post to register themselves. Several voters had also taken leaves from their official work but returned home empty handed. And it wasn’t just Thane but even centres across Navi Mumbai were in equally dire state. The worst being reported from Kharghar where thousands of voters were refused registration by ignorant clerks at the centre. Surprisingly, the voting centre for Kharghar that is an upcoming and comparatively densely populated new node of Navi Mumbai was given in a remote rural side of Kharghar. Not only was reaching the venue an uphill task for voters but the clerks rejected the forms of voters did not give any reasons for the rejection. Social worker of the area and journalist Vinod Gangawal who has been trying to fight the residents’ case in Kharghar exposed the flaws of the registration procedure while speaking to NMTV News. NMTV News met Deputy Election Officer R Vimla who assured that the next phase of their drive is to deliver forms at their residence of citizens across the state. She also appealed to people to not panic as the registration has not closed and people could still register themselves. With cameraperson Mehboob, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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