Wall Street protestors march to millionaires homes in New York

New York : There have been protests on Wall Street. Protestors belonging to various unions have come together for an Occupy Wall Street movement. The highlight of the protest has been the walk to that part of Manhattan where the who’s who live : this includes homes of billionaires David Koch, News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch and JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

The protest rally started from Zucotti Park, a private park in New York’s Wall Street. They called themselves the 99% saying that the government’s affairs were serving only the 1%. The protestors are angry with the divide between the rich and common citizens in the United States. They say that while the rich are enjoying all luxuries of life, they are putting up a hard fight for survival. The protestors have termed these rich as “stealers from the middle class”.

The protests comes in wake of reports that as many as 10,000 people could lose their jobs at the financial street. This would result in jobs lost to 32,000 since 2008 !.

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