yadavnagar-4Yadav Nagar Corporator Ramashish Yadav is in news for not the right reasons. Residents of his ward blame him for terrorizing them. If we believe the words of this injured man who has been admitted in the Indravati hospital for serious injuries, then his dire condition is because he failed to take consent of their local corporator Ramashish Yadav while buying a new home at Yadav Nagar. Ravinbdra Yadav, the victim alleges that he was severely beaten up by Ramashish Yadav and his accomplice. The doctor treating the victim gave an insight on the condition of the victim. The Rabale Police that has not made a single arrest in the case, did not to speak us on camera. Lastly, the local corporator Ramshish Yadav who has been blamed by the victim for beating him up, first feigned ignorance about knowing the victim. However, when we discussed the case in length with him, he did admit that he knew Ravindra Yadav and accused the victim of illegally constructing a house in Yadav Nagar, which was opposed by the locals. The corporator however has another story for the victims’ injured conditions. However, despite the reasons that the corporator gives, the NMMC Encroachment Dept. has the right to take action against illegal constructions. And there definitely can be no justification for citizens taking laws in their hands. Something that the police should take serious cognizance off. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.

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