waterThe mayor of Navi Mumbai Anjani Bhoir announced the convening of a special meeting of the NMMC general body with the officials to decide the water charges to be levied particularly for low and middle income groups. The announcement came after a heated debate on the calling attention motion moved by Vitthal More, at the NMMC general body meeting on Nov.18 demanding flat rate for low consuming LIG and MIG residences. NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata stated that it was upto the general body to decide on the policy matter. He, however, added that the present charges of Rs.4.75 per 1000 liters was the lowest in the state as compared to Rs.7/- in the neighboring Thane and Mira-Bhayandar and Rs.5.50 in Kalyan the cost of supplying water to the consumers is Rs.8.25 per 1000 liters. Ratna Vishwasrao alleged that earlier the LIG and MIG flats in her ward were paying a flat rate of Rs.50/- per month as water charges and now after the installation of water meters to each apartment the billing came to Rs.350/- per month in spite of NMMC having its own source of water supply from Morbe. Sudhakar Sonawane pointed flaws in the water supply administration. He alleged that there were illegal stand posts from where water was stolen for commercial use and demanded that all slum dwellers be given individual connections to avoid theft from public stand posts. The municipal chief assured that all illegal stand posts would be dismantled in the city within 15 days. Even though the members were agitating against the metered charges at the end of the 5 years term of the present elected body, it was this same House and particularly Vitthal More, cause of installing water meters for individual consumers. The corporators have to face the ire of the electorate as the general body elections are due in March-April 2010. Vijay Nahata stressed that the installation of water meters has regulated consumption and checked leakages. He insisted that if 5 members of a family consumed the specified required water everyday then the monthly billing of any apartment would not exceed Rs.107/- per month. He, therefore, called for a meeting of corporators with the officials to arrive at a policy to finalize the water charges to be levied in the city.


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