With Ramadan just a few days away, hundreds of trucks with watermelons have arrived in the city. However due to space crunch in the APMC market, the fruit cannot be unloaded leading to it rotting of the watermelons in the trucks. The on and off monsoons and lack of space in the APMC market is leading to a lot of losses for watermelon sellers. Every year during Ramadan – there is tremendous demand for watermelons and anticipating the same this year, hundreds of trucks loaded with watermelons have already arrived in the city. However, with no space for them to be unloaded, the fruit is rotting within the trucks itself. Sellers and merchants are demanding that there is am immediate need to provide a separate space and more sheds for them to sell the fruit. The present shed has space only for 24 merchants. Watermelons merchants have put forth their request to the APMC board and are demanding that a separate space be allocated for them at the APMC market.

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