election-pre---3With just two days to go for NMMC Elections 2010, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is in action to ensure that the elections are held in a smooth manner. To know the preparations being done by the corporation, Deputy Editor Sana Warsia met NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata for an exclusive interview. NMMC Elections 2010 is just two days away and one of the bodies that will play a crucial role in ensuring that the elections are held in a smooth and fair manner is the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. And the one person who has been into the preparations for the last four months, getting his officers ready for the big day is the Chief of the municipal corporation, Vijay Nahata. To know more on the preparations done by NMMC, our Deputy Editor Sana Warsia caught up with NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata in an exclusive interview during his preparations of the sealing of the Electronic Voting Machines. An election like the NMMC Elections 2010 is not the first time for NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata. In the past two the municipal chief has conducted elections in other states and has the distinction of holding elections without any controversies. The Commissioner Vijay Nahata said that while the volume of this election was more, he and his officers were fully prepared. One of the common issues faced at the time of election is the error in voting list. To this too, the commissioner has found a solution and informed that a call centre has been started where voters can call and get their voting details checked. Apart from this, 840 Electronic Voting Machine has been put up with two machines at each ward as back up. Speaking on the law and order situation, he said that even the police force was fully prepared for it. Highly sensitive areas have been equipped with CCTVs where complete shooting would be done to check on bogus voting. Ramps have been provided in every polling stations and specific instructions given to assist the physically challenged while voting. NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata has ensured that the doubts on the authenticity of EVMS is maintained and explained the procedure of sealing them in the presence of the respective candidates. Stating that we live in a democracy, NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata appealed to voters to come forward and exercise their right to vote. With the election preparations starting four months back by the corporation and the way NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata has personally supervised the preparations, Navi Mumbaikars can be rest assured and come forward to exercise their right to vote. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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