“We even use camels and elephants to do our duty !” says Election Commissioner

Electronic Voting Machines are made from simple technology and are absolutely tamper proof. The same was endorsed by the Chief Election Commissioner of India S Y Qureshi. He was speaking during a seminar in Mumbai where he explained in detail the preparation that during every election.

The Electronic Voting Machine or the EVM has always been the talk of the town during every election. In previous elections, be it General, Parliamentary or State assembly elections, the question of the authenticity of EVMs has always been a concern. However, Chief Election Commissioner of India S Y Qureshi has strongly defended this machine stating that success of the machine lies in its simplicity and easy to use technology. He was speaking during his visit to Mumbai.

Speaking on the traditional method of ballot paper, Qureshi says that EVMs are much easier as its vote at the press of just a button. Explaining the procedure of how a machine is prepared for elections, he hit out at the political parties which always questioned the credibility and functioning of EVMs. Further endorsing the usage of EVMs in elections, he said that despite being a huge democracy which witnessed nearly 7.14 million voters in the last general elections, they had the results by lunchtime.

However what amused many was what the Chief Election Commissioner shared with the audience next. He said that the modes of transport that their officers use to reach the polling booths include elephants and camels With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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