bhuj-balThere couldn’t have been a better closure to the NCP campaigning in Navi Mumbai than the speech of the Dy. Chief Chagan Bhujbal. The Dy. Chief Minister was in the city to address the final sabha of the NCP in Airoli. Making a significant remark, Chagan Bhujbal said that if need be they will put the government at stake but will get FSI for Navi Mumbai. A speech that charged candidates and party workers and was a reply to the opponent political parties – that’s how one can describe Dy. Chief Minister Chagan Bhujbal’s speech at the final public rally held by NCP in Navi Mumbai. He addressed issues and made the audience have a good laugh as well. In a perfectly balanced speech, Chagan Bhujbal proved again why he is one of the best orators that audience love to hear. The Dy. Chief Minister attacked the opponent political party leaders and said that they were talking about Kasab in speeches during municipal elections when there was just no connection between the two. He even attacked Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut and said that Raut was calling himself head master forgetting that the foundation of the Shiv Sena party was laid by Chagan Bhujbal and Ganesh Naik when they were in Shiv Sena. He even taunted Sanjay Raut asking him to first take care of his school as his students were going to other schools and some starting their own new schools. He even hit out at the media that were giving wide coverage to Sania Mirza’s marriage asking whether all other issues of national interest were over. He compared Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and said that Navi Mumbai was a city better in all civic amenities as compared to Mumbai. And the Dy. Chief Minister also did not miss the chance of hitting out at the dynastic rule of the Congress party in NMMC Elections. Challenging anyone who obstructed the 2.5 FSI for Navi Mumbai, the Dy. Chief Minister said that if need be they will put the government at stake if the 2.5 FSI is not sanctioned for Navi Mumbai. He praised the leadership of Ganesh Naik in the development and progress of Navi Mumbai. There’s no doubting that there couldn’t be a better closure to the NCP campaigning in Navi Mumbai than by the public speech of Dy. Chief Minister Chagan Bhujbal. With cameraperson Satish Garud, Nilofar Shaikh for NMTV News.

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