bandra-fair-3Like every year, a week-long Mount Mary fair was held in Bandra where the streets were bustling with devotees, elders and children alike. The Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount church is one of the most visited churches in the city. Here is a special report on the festivities and celebrations of the Mount Mary fair popularly known as the Bandra Fair. A land that is home to major religions of the world, thousands make their way up to Basilica of Mount Mary in Bandra, a Roman Catholic church in the city. The church is one of the most visited churches in the city located in the suburb of Bandra. Every September, the feast of St. Mary is celebrated on the Sunday following 8 September, the birthday of the Virgin Mary. Families line up for hours for mass outside Mt. Mary Church. Bandra wears a carnival look with festoons and buntings, and the fair has all the excitement and is visited by thousands of people. Besides candles, objects like wax idols of the Virgin Mary along with an assortment of candles in the shape of various body parts like eyes, ears, nose, legs and other shapes like houses, dolls, aero planes, money, etc. are sold. Here each shape has a special significance. The sick and suffering choose one that corresponds to their ailment and light it in the Church with the pious hope that Mother Mary will consider their appeals for help. Streets outside the church have shops, stalls and mini bazaars selling candles, clothes, candy floss, sweets, snacks, food and toys. What people like to take home is hot chanas, which come out fresh from the furnace of the drum. All devotees make it a point to climb up to the statue of Our Lady of Mount to pray for blessings. With cameraperson Roshan Hate Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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