apmcAPMC market has installed weighing scales at the entry and exit points for the trucks and vehicles carrying agricultural produce at the onion potato market. Till date the market has spent around Rupees 15 lakhs 82 thousand 941 for the installation and maintenance. But the weighing scale at the exit gate is not being brought into use. The weighing scale at this exit point was established 5 years ago with a total expenditure of rupees 13 lakhs 20 thousand 527 with a yearly maintenance of rupees 45000. However, the weighing scale has not been brought into use for weighing the agricultural produce that goes outside Navi Mumbai. The market has spent Rupees 2 lakhs 8 thousand 204 till date and total maintenance of rupees 44 thousand 210. But since it is not being used for weighing purpose, this has resulted in the wastage of money. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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