For parents who have been fighting with school managements like that of DPS School at Nerul, the policy will bring major relief. Take a look at what all does the policy make mandatory for school managements. The new policy drafted by the State Transport Dept. highlights : * The need for safety of school children. * It says school students cannot be ferried in private vehicles like Sumo, Qualis or an Omni, in groups or in vehicles used for commercial purposes because it then becomes a business. * Auto rickshaws can carry only five children at a time, the policy says. * The policy will make it mandatory for school buses to have details like the students’ blood groups and contact numbers in case of emergencies. * Buses will have to have compartments under the seats for children to keep their bags and water bottles. * The bus driver, cleaner and a woman attendant will be expected to check the identity of the person authorized to pick the child up at the bus stop. * The policy says a detailed route map should be displayed inside the bus and a copy given to the school. * The driver will have to inform the school if there is any diversion from the route due to traffic or accidents. * The bus should also have an air freshener and should be regularly fumigated. Sana Warsia – NMTV News.

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