Where have the corporators disappeared as NMMC contractors fool public with shoddy pre monsoon work?

On may 7, NMTV News had aired a report on NMMC’s failure to begin pre monsoon work that could spell doom for the city. Call it the NMTV impact that soon after NMMC started pre monsoon work but once again contractors are doing half hearted work as they are removing silt and debris from gutters but are leaving it on the sides of footpaths. What’s worse is that instead of being on the alert and supervising these pre monsoon works in their wards – majority of the corporators have disappeared.

Last week NMTV News had aired a report on how NMMC contractors had failed to meet the deadline of april 30 set to stop digging works that has added to the mess in the city. Due to debris and construction material lying on footpaths, the lids were all blocked. This led to random gutter lids being opened to remove silt that too in a shoddy manner. Many residents voiced due to this it would be all havoc this monsoon all over the city. Call it the NMTV impact, that soon after NMMC started pre monsoon work and one could see labours cleaning all the gutters in areas of Vashi.

However, the silt and debris removed by NMMC contractors are left adjacent to the footpaths everywhere. The situation is so grave that at many places msedc wires are hanging on broken footpaths where gutters have not even been cleaned properly.

Instead of taking away the filth and dirt the contractor has done a shoddy job by leaving the silt on pavements. Though NMMC administration is boosting of doing pre monsoon work of cleaning the gutters and drainage on war footing across the city but residents do not seem to be pleased with the way the NMMC contractors are doing the work. If it pours any day soon, the entire filth and silt left unattended on the pavements will flow back into drains making the entire pre monsoon work useless.

Besides that, leaving dirt like this is also an open invitation for diseases. The filth and dirt left on footpaths has become an obstruction for pedestrians. If this is the condition of the prime node of Vashi, it is not difficult to imagine what will be the situation in the other nodes. What’s worse is that majority of the corporators who should have been spotted alert and on their toes in their wards to check the status of pre monsoon work in their areas, have disappeared. Reliable sources in NMMC reveal that this time of the year means summer vacations even for corporators who head out for a holiday with families and that is why the least number of corporators approach the NMMC administration for any public work during may and june – the two crucial months of pre monsoon work. It’s really unfortunate that corporators forget the calls of their duty and their responsibilities as elected public representatives due to, which tax-paying citizens in each ward are bound to suffer. With Divya Sekhar, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.


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