fortisDespite the NMMC Standing Committee giving its approval to the criteria for 10% reservation for the poor at Hiranandani Fortis, the administration has failed to implement the policy. The municipal corporation has no justification for delaying the implementation of the policy and that’s why your channel has decided to begin a series to ensure that “Justice is done to the Poor”. When the NMMC administration started evading our questions on the issue Dy. Editor Sana Warsia met MLA Sandeep Naik to find out what will the NCP do next to ensure that the NMMC stops making a mockery of the health rights for the poor. MLA Sandeep Naik is clear about their next step – he says if Fortis does not accept the criteria policy approved by corporators, NMMC will terminate the agreement with Hiranandani Fortis. DECEMBER 2008 It was in December 2008, the NMMC administration led by Commissioner Vijay Nahata gave a cunning speech convincing corporators in the general body to approve the proposal he had brought to permit Hirananandani Fortis to begin operations in the NMMC Hospital at Vashi. What was most unfortunate was that no corporator in the house demanded that the proposal should not be approved until the 10% reservation policy was approved and accepted by Hiranandani Fortis. APRIL 2010 The failure of corporators of all parties in NMMC who did not bother to bring up the issue of 10% reservation for poor in the general body meeting of December 2008 is to be blamed for the policy not being implemented at Hiranandani Fortis despite 2 years 4 months to the general body approval to the Commissioner’s proposal in December 2008. Evidently, since December 2008 Hiranandani Fortis began running the hospital commercially even though the poor continue to be denied their right of 10% reservation in the hospital. NMTV News followed the issue of the 10% reservation policy rigorously since January 2009, following which the NMMC corporators called for one special general body meeting in June 2009 and three Standing Committee meetings to finalize and approve the proposal. In February this year, just prior to NMMC polls, Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik approved the 10% reservation criteria to implement the policy. Unfortunately, even today the NMMC administration is not referring any super specialty cases to Hiranandani Fortis. And the reason the NMMC administration is citing for this is that the proposal approved by the Standing Committee in February this year was a conditional one and since Fortis has kept new conditions on the approved policy. Dr. Deepak Paropkari – the Chief Medical Officer of NMMC said that they will now keep the new conditions of Fortis before the new Standing Committee. In other words, the policy will not be implemented for another couple of months. When NMTV News tried to speak to the Commissioner Vijay Nahata, he was unavailable for comments while Dr. Deepak Paropkari refused to give us any statement. The administration’s negligent approach to the 10% reservation for the poor is something that has plagued the implementation of this policy since the beginning. That is why we met MLA Sandeep Naik who has been seriously pursuing the implementation of the policy since NMTV News took up the issue. MLA Sandeep Naik said that there intention behind the tie up with HF was clear – it was to make super specialty services available for the poor and middle class residents of Navi Mumbai but the undue delay in bringing the policy into effect is a failure of the administration. He said that if HF was not accepting the policy approved by the corporators of NMMC, then it is wrong and is reason enough for NMMC to terminate their agreement with HF. In fact, the administration should itself work on terminating the contract, says MLA Sandeep Naik. MLA Sandeep Naik says that he will meet Commissioner Vijay Nahata and will give an ultimatum that if the policy is not implemented at the earliest, then he will ask him to terminate the agreement with HF. Behind me the hospital you see is built from tax payer’s money and is a poor man’s hospital. Since December 2008, Hiranandani Fortis is commercially running a hospital here and even after 2 years – the 10% reservation policy for the poor has not been implemented. That is why your channel has “Justice for the Poor” – a movement that we will continue until the NMMC administration implements the 10% reservation policy. The poor man has given his hospital to HF for this reservation – so either the NMMC must hasten up and implement the policy or Hiranadani Fortis must be asked to leave the poor man’s hospital – Until that does not happen – NMTV News battle for justice for the poor will continue. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.


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