Maratha strongman, NCP President Sharad Pawar, has lost the status of being the undisputed leader of Maharashtra in the wake of his party’s massive debacle in the Lok Sabha polls. Take a look at a report where we sum up why Pawar’s magic did not work in Maharashtra? A cursory glance over NCP’s performance in western Maharashtra-where no political party was earlier able to make inroads-leads one to the conclusion that Sharad Pawar has almost lost control over the region due to the emergence of rebels in a big way. More shocking was the fact that even in the assembly seats held by powerful NCP ministers, the NCP nominees were relegated to the third position. In Maharashtra, Congress secured the largest number of seats-17-followed by Shiv Sena (11), BJP (9) and NCP (8). In western Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar had successfully maintained his hold till the 2004 assembly as well as Lok Sabha polls. However, the 2009 LS polls witnessed an unexpected rebellion and that too from one of his trusted aides-sitting Kolhapur MP Sadashiv Mandlik. Failure to tackle rebellion, resulted in loss of two NCP seats-Kolhapur and Hatakanangale. Another reason for NCP’s dismal performance was Pawar’s flip-flop approach. On one hand, the NCP were with the UPA and on the other hand, they were in touch with UPA rivals, this adversely affected the NCP’s image. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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