wifi-seminar-1The terms Wi-Fi have sort of become synonymous to emails during terror bombings. And it is due to its vulnerability that authorities are waking up to creating awareness on the Wi-Fi network system. One such effort being the seminar held at Dr. D Y Patil University premises. However, the seminar saw very poor response thereby failing the very purpose of conducting the seminar. Several private organizations along with the Navi Mumbai Police Commissionerate held a seminar on the Wi-Fi Network and its security issues. How easy it is to hack a Wi-Fi account that does not have enough security came to light when emails in regards to terror bombings were sent to media houses in the last one year. And Navi Mumbai made headlines when one such Wi-Fi network was traced to Gunina Apartments where one American National Kenneth Haywood’s Wi-Fi network was hacked to send a terror email. In wake of this, the seminar concentrated on the usage of WiFi system, its negative aspects and security measures that should be taken. Present during the seminar were Cyber Expert Vijay Mukhi, Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner Ramrao Wagh and CMD of Micro Technologies Dr. P Sekhar. He further spoke on the hacking of Ken Haywood’s computer. Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner informed that by December it would target 2000 students of the city through such conferences to make them aware of the working of the Wifi System. A recent survey conducted by Dellolite Wireless Security Survey 2008 in Navi Mumbai shows that 82% of Wi-Fi networks is insecure and vulnerable to hacking. The seminar held at Dr. D Y Patil University premises failed to reach put to these users as the turn out was extremely poor response. While such seminars are needed, this one failed the very purpose for which it was held. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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