Cidco--housing-If there is one worry for people looking to buy homes in Navi Mumbai – it is the over hyped market that gives every genuine home buyer jitters and if there is one hope it is CIDCO’s new mass housing scheme at Kharghar. Unfortunately, however, if the past record of the corporation is taking into account there is little hope that the scheme will cater to the common man’s dream to buy a home. But will CIDCO’s new housing policy be transparent and corruption free? That’s the big story on our weekend exclusive. 2,144 houses. Over 1 lakh expected applicants. With these numbers its not difficult to imagine the magnitude of rush and anxiety home buyers must be going through to be one of those to get an apartment in CIDCO’s new mass housing project coming up at sector 16 and 17, Kharghar at rates varying from Rs. 1, 900 per sq. ft to Rs. 3, 450 per sq. ft. While one would have expected the rates to be even lower than these, it is less compared to the over hyped realty prices at Kharghar. CIDCO Managing Director G S Gill spoke to NMTV News Managing Editor Zeba Warsia about the new scheme. CIDCO’s mass housing schemes will have Vastu Vihar Scheme for the economically weaker section and the lower income group and Celebration Scheme for the Middle Income group. The apartments will have areas ranging from 300 sq. ft to 1, 000 sq. ft. The applications will be sold for a period of three weeks while another three weeks will be given for submission. CIDCO MD informed that they do not want chaos and hence have decided to give ample time to buyers. This will be followed by a draw for the allotment of flats. The draw will be held by the end of May or early June. The common buyer’s biggest worry is whether like every other scheme, policy or project of CIDCO; even this one will be marred with corruption. There is reason for this – so called CIDCO agents have already started collecting money from buyers promising them an apartment in the scheme. The public says that without agents and corruption nothing works in CIDCO. We posed the same question of transparency and corruption to CIDCO MD G S Gill. Well, we cannot expect any other answer than the one that the MD gave but its’ not just the public that says that scheme will be corrupt but even experts. That includes seasoned journalist and President of Navbharat Group D B Sharma. Seconding his opinion, city developer Nalin Sharma whose profession takes him to the CIDCO office every other day says that CIDCO is synonymous to corruption. One of the prime objectives of CIDCO is to provide affordable homes for the poor. Forget giving roof tops to the poor and needy, corruption in CIDCO so rooted right from the bottom to the top that nothing works without greasing the palms of officials. CIDCO’s new housing scheme will be no different.

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