K-Raheja-Builders-1NMMC is sitting and watching as mute spectators even as Mumbai reputed builder group K Raheja is openly covering two ponds in Kuksheth village and have illegally demolished a fifty year old Shiv Temple. The allegations mount to shocking and grave accusations but are evident at the site in Nerul. This is the site at Nerul, where Mumbai’s reputed builder group K Raheja has bought the once Herdillia company. At the site the builder has two made two violations that are not just very grave in nature but also very shocking. Not surprisingly the security and supervisor at the site threatened us of dire consequences if we covered any of the violations. NMTV team however did manage to capture the grave and shocking violations. The first being that the K Raheja Group has illegally demolished the 50 years old Shiv Temple at the site. And the accusations are being made by the Kuksheth villagers who once lived at the site but were rehabilitated from there. The second is an environmental shock as the K Raheja Group has allegedly filled the ponds at the site. In fact one NMMC board with description of the pond has been taken inside the steel partition made by the builder that was difficult to capture. When we met DMC N N Alhat at NMMC, he refused to speak on camera but unofficially accepted that two ponds at the site were filled by the builder and the temple was demolished. On probing about the reasons of their inaction on such grave violations, the DMC made a call to the Nerul Ward Office asking him to make a police complaint against K Raheja right away. What comes as a major shock is that K Raheja is allegedly illegally covering two ponds – one of 12000 sq meter and another of 4000 square meter and NMMC has not done a thing about it. Sources allege that since the portion of the construction work has been given to a local NCP leader that has forced NMMC to feign ignorance and not take any action. The ponds plot is worth over Rs. 30 Crore in monetary language and worth beyond money in terms of environment. But even as the city of ponds is being robbed of two massive ponds due to the alleged illegal land grab conspiracy of a builder, authorities and leaders fail to foil the robbery for reasons not difficult to decipher. With Rajeev Mishra, Zeba Warsia for Navi Mumbai News.


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