ganesh-naikThey say a good and strong election agenda is equal to half an election won. Perhaps that’s why many want to know what makes the NCP tick all the time in Navi Mumbai. The answer has always been simple – it’s the progress mantra of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik that has won him the support of Navi Mumbai always. So what are the election issues of the other political parties and will Ganesh Naik’s progress mantra continue to spell victory for NCP in NMMC Elections? We find the answer to this on our weekend exclusive today. Who doesn’t what a powerful agenda can do during elections – after all it was Barack Obama’s agenda for change that made him create history by becoming the first Black President of the United State of America. Whether it is election as big as the race to becoming President in the United States of America or the smallest battle of becoming a councilor – the principles of elections do not change. That’s why they say that a strong election agenda is half an election won. As Navi Mumbai gears up for civic elections, we thought of finding out what is the election agenda of all major political parties that are entering the battleground of NMMC Elections 2010.  SHIV SENA – BJP : ELECTION AGENDA – CORRUPTION The Shiv Sena and BJP are going to maintain their election agenda of municipal elections. Both the parties have termed “corruption” as their election agenda. While the Shiv Sena and BJP always talk of fighting against the corruption in NMMC, question is why these parties haven’t ever taken up the issue in NMMC. While Navi Mumbai Shiv Sena Chief Vijay Chougule remained absent for many of the meetings, none of the Sena corporators ever took up the issue in any of the general body or standing committee meets of NMMC. What’s more? Ever since the list of candidates of the Shiv Sena party have been announced – party workers who have been hard core Shiv Sainiks for decades allege corrupt attitude in selection of candidates. Ashiwini Bomble – Shiv Sena party’s Dy. Chief of Belapur Unit does not hesitate to publicly say that their leaders have chosen candidates who can spend money while those candidate who know everything about the ward have been ignored. She says even the presence of leaders like Sanjay Raut and Mumbai Mayor Shraddha Jadhav did not do justice as there has been discrimination in selecting candidates. She says that being loyal to the party for decade perhaps has backfired. Another party worker says that unlike the party tradition, now new Shiv Sainiks are teaching the seniors in the party. He too alleged that money factor played a major role in deciding candidatures this time. There are scores of such Shiv Sena party workers who have been loyal to the party for decades but say that injustice has been done while selecting candidates. Many are even alleging that their District Chief Vijay Chougule is going to defect with his corporators to Congress post the elections. So while the saffron alliance is going to enter the battleground on the issue of corruption – there perhaps is a lot of clean up they have to do inside their homes before alleging dirt outside.  CONGRESS – ELECTION AGENDA : ??? When it comes to the Navi Mumbai Congress, the less said the better. This is because if there’s any agenda of the Congress of Navi Mumbai in any municipal elections – its “self” agenda. Every corporator of Congress has made a link to one senior leader of the party and uses that influence in getting candidatures for their relatives, kith and kin. The Congress never fought any elections in Navi Mumbai as one party and even in these municipal elections, this agenda of each one fighting to make only his own self stronger will continue. What’s more? With the alliance talks with NCP over – the troubles of the Congress has increased ahead of NMMC Elections 2010.  MNS – ELECTION AGENDA : TO ENTER NMMC AS A STRONG OPPOSITION There’s no denying – this man’s charisma has the power to change the course of the entire results in elections and this has been proven twice by the stunning performance of MNS in parliamentary and assembly elections. Even in municipal elections, as compared to the Congress and Shiv Sena-BJP, the MNS is in a far better condition. That’s because for MNS voters, it doesn’t matter who their candidate is. Every vote given is a vote given to Raj Thackeray. And that’s why many experts believe that MNS could play a decisive role even in municipal elections. MNS Chief Raj Thackeray has personally approved candidature for NMMC Elections and he has selected educated candidates with a clean record to represent his party in NMMC Elections. We caught up with MNS General Secretary Nandu Satam to know on the criteria of selection of candidates. On the subject of education he says that its not like candidates with less education cannot perform but good educational qualifications is definitely better. Nandu Satam says that Raj Thackeray’s charisma will definitely continue even in NMMC elections.  NCP – ELECTION AGENDA : PROGRESS MANTRA The NCP party’s election agenda has been simple and same since the last municipal elections. And it’s this agenda that won them the Municipal Elections of 2004, Parliamentary Elections and Assembly Elections of 2010 and now the NCP looks all set to romp home with a comfortable margin even in NMMC Elections 2010. And what’s this winning election agenda : well it is the “progress mantra” of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik that he practices and preaches. When he promised Navi Mumbai a progress mantra the last time during municipal elections – Navi Mumbai got: Its own source of permanent source of water supply in the form of Morbe Dam * Taxes have not been increased since the last five years * Municipal education got a boost under school vision * Public transport was never as good as now with AC NMMT buses * Hi-tech STP plants that have won national acclaim * Turbhe landfill site and scientific waste disposal * Equal wages for contract workers in NMMC * Concretization of Thane Belapur roads, main Vashi roads and roads at APMC market * Work inside condominiums * Beautification of Shivaji Chowk, Vashi. * And finally Navi Mumbai got the global status of “a super city” that is known for its peace and communal harmony. Its And now it’s the same progress mantra that Ganesh Naik has preached and practiced that NCP has made its election agenda in municipal elections 2010. Navi Mumbai is a super city and NMMC is here to provide regular water supply, better roads, better transport and every basic civic amenity. And since all political parties indulge in blame game and focus on irrelevant issues, looks like Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik’s progress mantra will continue to spell victory for NCP in NMMC. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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