corruption-1The IPL scam early this year and now Common Wealth Games Scam – it’s a sign of the deeper decay and decadence of our moral and ethical standards. It is not just about one Sharad Pawar, one Lalit Modi or one Kalmadi. It is about much more. While the poor are struggling for mere survival everyday, the modern-day avatar of the common man is too busy choosing between the iPhone and Blackberry. Or Bangkok and Bali. As long as the shopping festival is on, and a multiplex is around, he is ‘essentially’ satisfied. Has middle-class India lost its moral fibre amidst the glittering facades of towering malls? Why do we not see any anger, any sense of revulsion, or a desire to protest anymore? Why is it that we just do not seem to care? Why is the rage missing? There cannot be any better day to ask these questions than when India has been declared one of the most corrupt countries in the world and than a day when the nation recalls the sacrifices of its freedom leaders and freedom fighter. That is why NMTV News brings to you a report with the hope that we sit up, take notice and act today. “I would go to the length of giving the whole congress a decent burial, rather than put up with the corruption that is rampant.” – Mahatma Gandhi, May 1939 The whole world was stunned when it was established that Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar had stake City Corporation, the firm that made a failed bid for the Pune IPL franchise bid. Here is a so-called leader who holds the portfolio of agriculture. Yet instead of worrying about rising food prices, inflation, the increase in farmer suicides or fertile lands being gobbled up for commercialization – Sharad Pawar was busy making bids for IPL teams and lobbying to become ICC Chief. All this at a time hunger and poverty was responsible for deaths of adults and 50% child deaths while food grains were rotting in government go-downs. But none of this seems to matter at all to Sharad Pawar who is in charge of the two ministries that matter the most to poor India – Agriculture and Food. All that mattered to Sharad Pawar was money and profits. It still is what matters the most to him even though due to his complete apathy poor India is dying everyday. Sharad Pawar is the face of the corrupt Indian politician and the decadence of ethical standards and morals values in politics. And Sharad Pawar’s is far from an isolated case. In fact, he is in distinguished company. Like that of the 2010 Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee head Suresh Kalmadi whose demeanour indicates that it is his birthright to indulge in frivolous expenditure of a scam that is said to be a startling 10000 Crores ! Kalmadi has converted CWG to Corrupt Wealth Games that has brought shame to the entire nation in the eyes of the world. Then there are the A Raja and Reddy brothers, where we are tossing about Rs 60,000 crores as effortlessly as fried noodles. A Raja, the Reddy Brothers, Lalit Modi, Amit Shah, Madhusudan Koda, Suresh Kalmadi, Ramalinga Raju – it is a notorious list covering a diversified occupational base. The ruling faces of the nation have become faces of corruption while for the corrupt faces in the opposition; each scam is nothing more than an election issue or a means of financial gains through settlements. That is why this Independence Day corruption is the biggest challenge that India should start worrying about.

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