computer-school-3The State Education Board is debating on whether to make information technology a compulsory subject from its optional status. The state recently deliberated on this subject with academicians and educationists. The State Board of Education conducted a workshop with the members of the board of studies and experts from the education department to discuss whether the Information and Communication Technology subject should be made compulsory in schools for the class of 2012. The content and curriculum for the subject were also discussed. The subject, which is included in the curriculum of Std IX and X in SSC Board, is optional, and the proposal is to make it compulsory. However there are hiccups in doing this. To begin with in rural areas, there are no computers and if the state makes it mandatory, the rural schools will have to arrange for both generators and desktops or laptops. On the other side most students and schools fail to take the current optional course seriously, which is a reason why the course should be made compulsory. Kerela is the only state where ICT is a compulsory subject. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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