nano-10It was the commitment to an idea that brought about the revolution in the automobile world by way of the lakhtakia Nano. And if commitment and determination will meet the idea of lakhtakia homes – this too will be reality. Who would have ever thought that a car of Rs. 1 lakh could ever be a reality? But the Tata group proved that if you have the will, you always find a way and the world got its most low cost car in the form of the TATA Nano. That got the NMTV team of experts thinking of whether a home of Rs. 1 lakh could ever be possible. And the more we explored for answers the more convinced we were that this can be possible. The thought process was triggered from the fact that today most forest land and open space at foot hills are being encroached upon by slum lords who make small shelter homes and sell it to immigrants for anywhere between Rs. 15, 000 to Rs. 20, 000 illegally. The state has been legalizing this act by floating SRA like schemes for slums in the city. And the second reason that compelled experts to believe that laktakia homes can be a possibility is this man. Haware Group MD Suresh Haware who in his group’s personal capacity announced that they will make homes for Rs. 10 lakhs available for the common man. If a private developer is making the possibility of Rs. 10 lakh homes a reality when property rates are touching the sky, a state government can definitely make homes of not over 250 sq. ft. for Rs. 1 lakh a possibility too. We met developers for their responses. All of them say that all it will take is a government’s will. Suresh Haware says that public private partnership can do wonders that can translate dream of laktakia homes into a reality. Builder Association of Navi Mumbai’s President Nalin Sharma says laktakia homes will be revolution that can happen only when government join hands them. Unfortunately MHADA and CIDCO that once gave the LIG homes below 1 lakh and acted as regulators by providing affordable housing, off late have opted for making big bucks both under and above the table by way of auctioning and bidding homes they make. If observed closely, mills land have been opened for development, ULC has been lifted, land beyond imagination are being given for SEZs and a ring between capitalists, bureaucrats and politicians have been formed to benefit each other. And it is this dangerous ring that is not letting real estate prices fall despite the turbulent fall in stock market, it is this ring that is forcing CIDCO and MHADA to behave like real estate profit mongers and it is this ring that is responsible for not making affordable homes a reality for the common man when a home is what the common man wants the most. The public knows that laktakia homes can be a reality but they also know that their failed government and leaders will not let this happen. In every walk of life, the contribution of the poor is immense. And it will not be long when out of compulsion policy makers will have to think about welfare and needs of the poor, otherwise a revolution for homes for the poor is in the making. For the wise have said, that a revolution happens either when the government does something right or when it does something wrong.

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