bmc-project-4The MCGM plans to rope in private developers to finance some of its most ambitious projects that may change the city’s skyline. But only time can tell how much it will benefit the common man We bring to a peek of these ambitious projects. In order to tide over the financial crunch it is currently facing, the MCGM has decided to rope in private companies to fund development of public facilities that the civic authorities can’t maintain any longer. A handful of open plots and gardens are already in the hands of private developers. Here’s a lowdown on some of the important multi-crore public projects that will soon be privatized: The Rs 700-crore plus project is expected to provide 22,000 free service quarters to the conservancy staff on 19 plots whose total market value is estimated at approximately Rs 7,500 crore). This could mean that private companies would use a part of the municipal land for their commercial venture, and accommodate the conservancy workers in staff quarters that will be built in the remaining portion. The grey water recycling project is MCGM’s most ambitious plan to solve the city’s present water crisis. Water could become a rare commodity in the coming years. Recycled water for non-potable use will be the need of the hour. At least 20 national and international companies are eyeing the possibility of erecting their recycling plants on the land provided by the MCGM. The private players will also be selling the recycled water to citizens. The MCGM has 143 municipal markets across the city. To bring these markets at par with modern-day malls, civic authorities are planning to seek the help of private developers. The developers, on their part, will exploit the commercial part of the project while giving the occupants of the markets decently revamped units. In order to meet the city’s growing demand for parking space, the MCGM is planning to construct two underground parking lots and five regular ones. MCGM will also allow private developers to exploit the underground parking space for commercial purposes. MCGM’s long-awaited plan of having a Madame Tussauds-like wax museum may also go into private hands. Apart from giving developers land to construct the museum, the MCGM will also give them the option of exploring the commercial angle of the venture. The civic body is also toying with the idea of setting up desalination projects in the city. The idea is to desalinate sea water and provide Mumbaikars an alternate source of water for non-potable use. But this project may result in the city losing a major part of the shoreline, as most of the plants will be set up along the coastline While these projects may change the city’s skyline, only time can tell how much it will benefit the common man. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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