Not just the Tree Authority but the NMMC administration has given little significance to the conduct of meetings of all special committees. In fact the law committee till date has mostly been defunct. However this time, senior most corporators of political parties are in the Law Committee. Will this change the law committee’s functioning or will the decisions continue to be taking by the ruling family of the city outside NMMC? Of all the special committees, the Law Committee of NMMC is the most significant. This is because according to the BPMC Act, the Law Committee of the corporation plays the key role in all policy decisions. All policy decisions of the corporation must first be discussed and approved by the Law Committee before being placed for approval before the general body. Since most of the decisions in the corporation are finalized by the ruling family in the city, the Law Committee always saw members with least capability and knowledge about the proposed laws. These corporators used their membership of Law Committee as a decoration for their profiles while the policy decisions were tabled and approved by the general body directly. This year however, for a change senior most or experienced corporators of political parties are on NMMC Law Committee. This includes 4 times corporator of Congress Santosh Shetty, NCP’s Vitthal More, Shaila Nath, Keshav Mhatre, Chandrakant Patil, Suresh Saldar, Ashok Patil, Sangita Vaske, Navin Gavte and Rekha Mhatre. This has raised hopes that may be the Law Committee’s significance is understood and the otherwise defunct Law Committee will be revived this time round. With bureau inputs – Vishwarath Nayar for NMTV News.

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