nmmc-4They created history in the parliamentary elections by dethroning Shiv Sena in Thane constituency and again created a record of sorts by winning the Airoli and Belapur assembly seats. With the waves riding in favour of the NCP under Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, the big question is – will the Lok Sabha and assembly wave continue with NCP sweeping to majority in NMMC again? Find out the answer with our weekend exclusive. The countdown for the 4th NMMC General Elections has begun and thanks to the election code of conduct neither the noises are audible nor is the defacing of the city landscape with posters, banners and hoardings visible. Yet there is action within the party ranks and individual aspirations. Though it would be absolutely pre-mature to predict the prospects of candidates without the names of all candidates being finalized, there are interesting observations that will certainly reveal the poll prospects. * Almost half the sitting corporators are re-contesting – nearly 34 of them directly and 11 of them indirectly through the spouse or kith and kin. * 3 out of the 4 couples are re-contesting and 4 more new couples are expected to be in the fray. * Nearly 18 contenders are spouses or kith and kin of ex-corporators due to reservations for women. This gives credence to the stakes that glue corporators to power in the civic body. The NCP appears to be heading for a clear majority following its victory in the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections. After looking at the first picture summing up, political pundits believe that this might be the first civic poll that may be a very easy run for the ruling NCP, which appears all set to lead in 57 out of the 89 wards in the municipal body. In 57 out of the total 89 seats, the NCP probables will make a clean sweep more so because the opposition is totally weak, divided and without committed candidates. However, there are also those who say that though the NCP is strong in Navi Mumbai, surprises might spring. Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik’s ability to plant friends in opposition ranks, the failure of the opposition to make their presence felt in NMMC and high ratings of the NCP party in NMMC due to the three year brilliant record of public work of MLA Sandeep Naik as NCP head in NMMC are the three main factors that make NCP a winner all the way. In fact, the way MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik has fulfilled his election promise of giving Thane a world class railway station and the manner in which MLA Sandeep Naik has stayed connected at the root level and common citizens with his MLA at Your Doorsteps drive, the NCP never looked stronger than it does today. The NCP creating history in Thane constituency with MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik winning the Lok Sabha and Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik and Sandeep Naik’s impressive show in assembly polls gives them an additional booster to convince the voters that the NCP candidates stand the best chance to deliver the voters’ needs and solve their issues. Let’s take a closer look of where all NCP stands a better chance than other political parties : * The party is poised to make clean sweeps in Khairane and Belapur wards. * In the 7 wards of Digha, NCP is sure to win 4 wards. * In the 10 wards of Airoli and Diva, the NCP are strong in 6 wards. * The 2 wards in Rabale slums and all 5 wards in Turbhe slums are NCP strongholds. * With Shivram Patil defecting to NCP, the party is all set to make a clean sweep in the 16 warsds in Koperkhairane, Ghansoli, Bonkode, Mahape and Khairane. * 8 out of the 13 wards in Vashi are favorable to NCP with Shiv Sena and Congress sharing the balance 5 wards. * In Nerul and Darawe, 6 out of the 15 seats are safe for NCP. * In Sanpada and Juinagar NCP and Shiv Sena will split the spoils equally and in Shirwane the NCP could remain unbeatable. * Out of the 7 seats in Belapur and Karawe, the only 2 seats with the opposition Congress and Shiv Sena may also see an overthrow by the NCP making them victorious on all the 7 seats. Among the main sitting corporators, keen contest are Namdeo Bhagat, Santosh Shetty, Shashikant Birajdar, Tatya Tel, M K Madhvi, Ashok Bhau Patil, Prakash Mate, Ratna Vishwasrao, Vijaya Thakur, Vithal More, Dashrath Bhagat, Rohini Bhoir, Narayan Patil and J D Sutar. The major opposition parties Shiv Sena and Congress are placed in worse conditions than 5 years ago and should be contended with 10 to 11 seats to each of them. MNS may open their account with one strong contender in Airoli even as BJP may not secure even a single seat as their lone corporator in Nerul Bharat Jadhav has already defected to the NCP and are unable to project strong candidates to withstand the NCP bulldozing in the city. And it isn’t just Bharat Jadhav but even other strong contenders like Raju Shinde who has defected from the Congress to NCP and there are speculations that even Shiv Sena corporator Vijay Mane and Congress’s Dilip Tidke might defect to NCP. Herds move towards where they see green pastures and for these strong contenders of Congress and Shiv Sena, NCP is the green pasture where they want to belong when NCP forms the ruling front in NMMC post these elections. Even Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik is seen welcoming the defectors to NCP. He added that party workers of other parties were expressing their desire to join NCP without posts just to be a part of the NCP. The NCP’s strong position in nearly 2/3rd of the total seats ensures their clear majority – making this the easiest battle for the ballot for the ruling NCP in Navi Mumbai, giving the party supreme authority in the city from Delhi to gully. NCP never looked stronger in Navi Mumbai. With the powerful trio of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik and MLA Sandeep Naik personally campaigning for their candidates along with a convincing progress report of their public work and a weak and divided opposition makes, for the first time in NMMC’s history, the NCP looks all set and poised to regain power in NMMC with a thumping majority.

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